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FlexEE Saddles

FlexEE Finesse Treeless Saddle

FlexEE Finesse Treeless Saddle

The HM FlexEE Finesse is a high-quality saddle at an amazing price! It is built on a leather ‘tree’, a very old method of making a flexible saddle. The FlexEE Finesse, as with all Heather Moffett saddles, is ergonomically designed to allow the rider, even a total beginner, to sit in the correct ear/shoulder/hip/heel alignment with ease. The Finesse synthetic material is almost indistinguishable from real soft hide. The price is £649 and each saddle comes with a full set of interchangeable gullet plates, and can even be used without.

The panels have been designed to provide a wide weight bearing surface for the horse. These are wool flocked and covered with serge.

The FlexEE Finesse saddle comes with French (full) panels as standard,. Owen (half) panels can be ordered as a special order.

The saddle has a cut back head (to accommodate higher withers where necessary) and flexible front arch, and features an interchangeable gullet plate as in many treed saddles (a full set is supplied with each saddle). This enables the width to be set to that of the horse, but it can also be left out, for those who wish to have a fully flexible saddle, or for instance, for an exceptionally wide, flat backed horse. This gives much greater versatility, as it allows the saddle to be set to the width, for instance of a young horse just being backed, and the same saddle to be adjusted to a new horse requiring a different width. The gullet plate does not come down far enough to interfere with the flexible leather points, so the shoulders are not impeded in any way. The 15" saddle doesn't have gullet plates, as they would come too far down the shoulder.

The FlexEE saddle is built around a leather base, shaped as a plastic tree would be, but with wide, flexible leather points. Shown here, but without the rear girth webbings attached:

FlexEE leather tree

Considerable attention has been paid to the comfort of the rider too, in that the seat is layered with Cushion EVA and latex, giving a very comfortable ride. The seams are far enough apart to allow the wider splay of the female seatbones to rest on the padding, and not end up on the hard slope of the tree, as happens with many saddles, when trying to sit in the deepest, most central part of the saddle! The skirts of the saddle have been lightly padded giving additional rider comfort and making the 'waist' a little narrower, giving an even better feel of a 'twist' for the rider.

The FlexEE Finesse saddles are available in 15", 16", 17" and 18", in Dressage, VSD and GP styles, in Black or Brown.

Clarino seat and knee pads are available to order at no extra cost.

The stirrup bars are set back on the dressage model to enable a very deep thigh position, and the large velcroed on knee rolls (sold separately) that Heather has designed for this saddle, really assist with the deeper knee position. The velcro on the sweat flap of the GP saddle reaches far enough to permit the dressage knee rolls to be placed well back, in order to enable the dressage/flatwork seat with ease, ensuring that the saddle truly is 'General Purpose'. The bars are one inch further forward on the GP to allow for shorter stirrups for jumping.

Please contact us for advice on fitting and ordering.

Please preferably include photos of your horse, without a saddle, whole horse, side on from each side, and one looking towards the head from the tail end (to show the wither region) to see what, if any, padding may be appropriate. Also, please do try and get your horse standing as square as possible and have him/her with the head in a neutral position. We may well also ask for a wither template before we decide on correct fitting, but the photos are a good initial starting point to see which saddle may be suitable and whether you may need to consider padding options and so on. Please also include the height of your horse and if possible your dress size and height, which will help us determine the correct size saddle for you both.

Trial saddles are available.

Please note that if your saddle is not in stock the lead time is about six weeks.

Price: £649.00

Knee Rolls for FlexEE Saddles

Knee Rolls for FlexEE Saddles

Velcro on synthetic leather knee rolls for the FlexEE saddle, although they can be used on any saddle with knee block velcro attachment .

The VSD (GP) knee rolls come in one size only, in black or brown.

The dressage knee rolls come in black or brown colour, in Medium or Large - the Large being only suitable for the 18" dressage FlexEE saddle.

In the pictures, the VSD knee roll is on the left and the large dressage knee roll on the right.

Sold in pairs.

Price: £20.00

Gullet plates for FlexEE Saddles

Gullet plates for FlexEE Saddles

Extra gullets for FlexEE saddles.

Yellow = Extra Wide
Green = Wide
Black = Medium Wide - only by special order as it is the gullet all FlexEE saddles are supplied with
Blue = Medium
Red = Narrow

If you are not sure which gullet is best for your horse, please contact us and we can help you to choose the right one.

Price: £20.00

Shoulder Shims for FlexEE Saddles

Shoulder Shims for FlexEE Saddles

The shoulder shims are for the older FlexEE synthetic saddle, both dressage and VSD/GP. They velcro on underneath the saddle flaps.

Most horses, other than very wide, flat ones with 'loaded shoulders', need the support of shoulder shims, as in a French panel, to lift the saddle at the front for wither clearance.

Black or brown synthetic leather

Price: £20.00

Biothane Synthetic Stirrup Leathers for the FlexEE Saddle

Biothane Synthetic Stirrup Leathers for the FlexEE Saddle

Synthetic dressage type stirrup leathers (webbers), suitable for the FlexEE saddle but also any saddle with stirrup hooks or bars.

Loop at the top end to slip onto the stirrup hook, t-bar adjustment with a cover that slides over the t-bar..

Available in black and in three lengths. 1" wide. Brown leathers can be ordered in (delivery time around 6 weeks).

Price: £32.95